The Skin Center required a design direction that would create a systematic flow for users to review their services and offerings, and benefits to be in connection with them. The service line needed to be shown in a way that would catch a visitor’s attention and made them want to learn more about the derma clinic and its offerings.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy Brand Collateral Logo Design Identity System Web Design
Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing OOH Branding Professional Photoshoot Video Production
dermatology logo
Branding a Skin Rejuvenation Clinic
dermatology doctor
Branding a Dematologist
dermatology logo white
Brand's Visual Identity

We worked on an entire fresh & new visual identity of The Skin Center. This includes - Business cards, Letterheads for Derma practice. In-clinic communcation material developed for the brand.

dermatology business cards
Business Cards
dermatology letterheads
dermatology envelops
Report Envelops
dermatology folder
Presentation Folder
dermatology flyer
dermatology poster
dermatology poster
Detailed Poster

Idea-sutra utilized their skills to the best of their abilities. Large and stylish services and lifestyle images really helped us to engage in clinic visitors and patients. For Skin Center, education is the key to guide users through the entire process, and specific collaterals like brochues, posters etc helped us drive leads.