It's no secret that the restaurant industry is a crowded and competitive space. The big question for restaurateurs is: How can you entice guests when there's no end to the options that diners have when looking to eat out, and how can you make sure they’ll keep coming back? - This and lot many questions were there when we started branding Olivia Resorts. We counter them one after another and result was in front of all of us. Cheers !

Services Provided

Brand Creation Brand Development Brand Positioning Naming Collateral Development
Copywriting Creative Direction Stationery Design Logo Development Branding Property
Online Marketing Print Menu Design Signage Design Style Guide Development Visual Identity
Branding a restaurant
Branding a Mid-Level Restaurant

Team Idea-Sutra, met the owner Mr. Shalabh Jolly who was in his youth age, very much enthusiastic about his passion to open up and executing a well know restanurant in the towm. We understood his vision and executed the requirements one by one to achieve the desired results.

Branding fine dine restaurant
Branding a Eat-in Returant

Developing a strong restaurant brand helps. When a restaurant is able to establish a recognizable brand, they can count on customer loyalty and word of mouth. That was the key for us. We emphasised on retaining first walk-in customers and tried our best to convert them to regular ones.

Hospitality logo design
Brand's Visual Identity

We worked on an entire fresh & new visual identity of olivia Restaurant. This includes - Business cards in two styles, Letterheads for proposals and contracts.

Intense and intersting work was in mind while doing this project.

Square visiting card design
Business Cards Square
visiting card design
Regular Business Cards
restaurant letterhead design
Restaurant envelop design
Feedback form for restaurant
Feedback Form
food photography
Tri-Fold Brochure
food photoshoot
Take Away Menu
medical social media posts
Behind the Scenes - Food Photoshoot
marketing for restaurant
Brand's Marketing Material

Exclusive marketing material was developed for the entire brand and properties inside the brand. We designed, print and layedout various menus, brochures tent cards

It was a pleasure working with team Olivia !

restaurant take away menu design
Privelege Card
hospitality Take away menu design
Flyer Design
restaurant brochure design
Cafe Olivia Brochure
hospitality menu design
Steps Menu Card
hospitality flyer design
Santorini Menu Card
restaurant flyer design
Tent Card Design
hospitality flyer design
Tent Card Design
hospitality flyer design
Tent Card Design
restaurant menu design
Menu Design
Menu for restaurant
Menu Design
restaurant Menu design
Menu Inside Design
hospitality Menu design
Menu Inside Design
hospitality Menu design
Menu Inside Design
marketing for restaurant
Brand's Digital Marketing

We create engaging content for units of Olivia along with the brand. Mind-blowing visuals were essential part of digital startegy.

Creatives were suppose to be so tempting that they attract audience to the resort. Digital ads related to events and matches were also broadcasted for the brand.

instagram promotion for doctors
Facebook promotion

Posts, Promotions, Followers at Facebook

facebook marketing of doctors

Posts, Likes, Lead Generations at Instagram

social media posts
Restaurant Social Media Posts

Jeff Bezos famously said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room.” It was indeed a pleasure working with Prabal bhaiya and his team. They gave in the best of creatives from time to time and best in the market available prints.

Idea-Sutra shared the responsibilty and help the entire resort to rise in terms of brand development as well as brand positioning.

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